The Authors' Background

The authors have 65 years of combined experience investigating damaging earthquakes worldwide.

Lloyd S. Cluff , Consulting Seismic Geologist

Lloyd Cluff is author of many relevant books and publications. He has traveled to the sites of numerous earthquakes to help scientists and engineers understand more about how structures (including steel towers) react during quakes.

Abolhassan Astaneh, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, Steel Structures

Dr. Astaneh has been involved in the design of steel structures for more that 30 years. He was the leader of the team that conducted the seismic evaluation of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge for Caltrans. He also has been involved in the seismic evaluation and retrofit design of other major steel bridges, including the Golden Gate, the Hayward/San Mateo, the Richmond/San Rafael, the Carquinez, and the Vincent Thomas bridges in the US, and the Auckland Harbor bridge in New Zealand.

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