San Francisco Board of Supervisors
City and County of San Francisco
Land Use Committee


Monday, May 5, 2003
San Francisco City Hall
Room 263

... from Christine Linnenbach

Dear Neighbors:

Since 1997, neighbors in San Francisco have united to ask the simple question, "Is Sutro Tower Safe?" For years, you have demonstrated a unique energy in impressing upon San Francisco's leadership the necessity of overseeing Sutro Tower.

We will never forget Dennis Antenore's advocacy for neighborhood safety issues while facing a strong opposition in Sutro Tower and its lobbyists. We will always appreciate the fact that you and your neighbors stood shoulder to shoulder at Planning Commission hearings to give the community a voice. We will never forget that despite overwhelming odds you helped the community stand up to the strength of the giant Sutro Tower.

Now, almost six years later after countless hearings and meetings, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee will convene a hearing on Monday, May 5th at 1PM in Room 263 to review the long awaited seismic retrofit plan for the Sutro Tower structure. However, some questions still remain unanswered. Your support is critical.

Over the course of the last year, the composition of the Board of Supervisors has changed and we hope that you will join us at this hearing to once again impress upon San Francisco the importance of overseeing Sutro Tower and its activities.

Thank you for attending this meeting. We look forward to seeing you at what we hope will be a most informative and important hearing. For more information, please call(415) 77-TOWER or

Thank you,

Christine Linnenbach


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