Press Release
July 8, 1998:

After a year of being systematically belittled, ignored, and dismissed as alarmists by the City of San Francisco regarding their deep concerns about the now-approved DTV installation project at Sutro Tower, Inc., the collected group of Twin Peaks Improvement Assocation and MidTown Terrace Homeowners Association yesterday, July 8, 1998, filed a lawsuit against the City.

That suit is a plea to declare the Environmental Impact Report on this project "null and void," to order the City to set aside its decision on the E.I.R. for the project, to set aside the building permit issued for the hanging of the 12 ton DTV antennas and support column, to order the City to prepare, circulate, and consider a new and legally adequate Environmental Impact Report, and to request the Court to order a preliminary injunction to stop ork commencement by Sutro Tower, Inc. on its project, should they attempt to begin it.

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