Safety and Seismic Concerns

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of those places where public policy must frequently concern itself with the possibility of and the effects of seismic activity. Over the years, much has been learned about the effects of quakes and how to prevent damage to structures and loss of life during serious seismic events.

In a letter to Mr. Paul Maltzer, EIR Coordinator at the San Francisco Planning Department, two noted experts in the field of structures and seismic safety call for full dynamic analysis of Sutro Tower to help ensure that the tower can withstand earthquakes, given what we have learned from recent quakes' effects on steel structures, both in the Bay Area and worldwide.

The California Seismic Safety Commission has the mission of improving the well-being of the people of California through cost-effective measures that lower earthquake risks to life and property. The commissioners represent various interests and areas of expertise. Their web site contains links to earthquake-related sites of interest.

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) maintains a site which also contains information about earthquakes.

The U.S.Geological Survey monitors earthquakes, and you can see recent activity for the San Francisco Bay Area or for California and Nevada online.


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